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Growing 2X-5X, but your talent and organizational structure is holding you back?

Set up a talent management plan that ensures you have the right people in the right seats with the right skills.

Are your employees engaged and providing the results you need? 


Great managers are critical to having engaged employees

8 Traits of Great Managers


Why Chose Attain Development?


Having the right people in the right seats with the right skills is required for your company's success. Partnering with us will provide you with cost effective solutions to your talent development needs.


Founder, Jared Juusola, brings over 25 years leadership and talent management experience, spending 15 years with Honeywell. During this time, Honeywell doubled margins and became the world's most valuable industrial company. The lessons learned will benefit your business, accelerating its success and growth.


Work with us as your talent management partner. Our solutions are innovative and cost effective. Utilizing the Attain Talent Assessment Process, we quickly assess your needs and put together a plan to support your business.

We provide solutions in three areas, all focused on ensuring your talent has the right skills and are in the right seats.


We do all phases of the talent management process, from defining your talent strategy to coaching and facilitating classes. How can we help you be successful?


Ready to find out more?

Attain Development will meet with you to determine if and how a relationship would be beneficial. Based on the discussion, Attain will share a proposed model that would best meet your needs.